Meet the Doctor

Dr. Darrel Loder, D.C., C.C.W.P

Dr. Darrel Loder is an honors graduate of Salina Central High School, Kansas State University and Palmer College of Chiropractic, who enjoys helping others live long, active, healthy lives.  He opened Smoky Valley Chiropractic in September of 1995 and focuses on a natural approach to health, wellness, and sports-related injuries. Dr. Loder has completed a post-doctorate certification in wellness, earning the designation as a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner.   Dr. Loder has also completed post-doctorate training in sports injury management.

His lifestyle-based coaching addresses underlying causes to health problems, not just treating the symptoms. He offers very specialized low-force adjusting techniques and is Avanced Proficiency Certified in both Torque Release and Activator Methods; he also offers traditional manual procedures including Gonstead and Diversified. He is also trained in the utilization of Flexion Distraction Technique, which involves manual spinal decompression.

Dr. Loder also offers the following services: lifestyle coaching: orthopedic pillows, braces, and supports; prescription foot orthotics; electrical muscle stimulation; ultrasound; low level (cold) laser and auriculotherapy.

Dr. Loder has served as team doctor for the Smoky Valley High School football team since 1995, and head coach & director of the Smoky Valley Wrestling Club since 1999.

Dr. Loder and his wife, Mari, make their home northwest of Marquette. Jesse & Mattie, Rylan & Roxanne King, Weston, Ethan and Ellie make up their family. They enjoy many outdoor activities with their family.




About The Staff

Amanda Luttig, Michelle Johnson, Mari Loder & Dr. Darrel Loder


Michelle Johnson


My name is Michelle Johnson and I have two great kids, Anthony & Ginny. Anthony is married to Kimbree and they have three adorable daughters, Ellie, Claire and Maggie.  They make their home in Kanopolis.  Ginny is married to Shawn and they have one adorable son, Blake. They  live in Kansas City.  I grew up in Marquette, and have lived in Lindsborg for the past 28 years. I have enjoyed working at SVC since the day Dr. Loder opened his practice in September of 1995. My joys in life are spending time with my family, going to rodeos, spending time outside - preferably on the beach - and being a KU fan.


Amanda Luttig

Greetings! My name is Amanda Chambers Luttig. I am a native of Lindsborg and in June of 2014 I was blessed by becoming a family member of Smoky Valley Chiropractic. I graduated from Smoky Valley and Bethany College. I played Tennis for four years at Bethany College. I love following my children's activities and crafting. My amazing folks are Mike and Becky Chambers. I also have an amazing brother, Michael Chambers. I have three amazing children: Taylor (30), a Kansas State Graduate, who is a Senior Computer Engineer for Garman and lives in Kansas City, MO, Trevor (27), a Business Major graduate from Bethany College, who works for First Bank Kansas in Lindsborg, KS and Tanner (20) who works for Mid Kansas Coop in Lindsborg, KS

While I am no stranger to Chiropractic and Dr. Loder, I am so fortunate to learn daily from Dr. Loder. My son Trevor, at age 6 was introduced to wrestling by Dr. Loder. Dr Loder has been influential in my family's life for years, but it wasn't until I was introduced to his Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well class and began my chiropractic care did I truly understand his passion for health and wellness.  Dr. Loder had been very important in the lives of my family.  He has helped manage injuries with my boys and sports.  He also had cared for my parents ensuring they are healthy in retirement.  

I wake up every day feeling blessed that I get to come to work and help others connect Chiropractic to a longer, healthier, more active life. I have met so many amazing people in the time I have been here and look forward to meeting many more for years to come!!